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Our Work with the Earth

Adding the Element of Surprise and Love

Organic Lawn & Gardens


Organic Gardening defined by a single word, "Harmony".  We reconnect with our roots and the earth itself, when working with the natural processes and flow of nature.  Safe, simple and proven affective, organic lawn and gardening methods help us to promote environmental stewardship, with sustainable results.  Weeds, pest insects and aggressive diseases can compete with your lawn and landscape.


Feel confident knowing there is always a safe, natural and organic solution to every pest problem, no matter how large or small the challenge.  Attract birds and beneficial insect to your gardens for controlling pest insects. Rather than using pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the emergence of new weeds in your lawn and gardens, try Corn Gluten as a safe and affective alternative. It is far more productive to enrich your soils with compost and organic fertilizers, strengthening your lawn and gardens, than it is to weaken your weeds with chemical herbicides.


Organic lawns and gardens are far more resilient and can resist weeds, disease and pest insects without the need for toxic chemical inputs.  We reduce exposing our families, pets included, to harmful garden chemicals when utilizing organic gardening practices.  Go Organic. It's Only Natural! To learn more about organic gardening, please visit our Blog for regular organic gardening tips and pointers.

Grounds Maintenance


Our goal is to build lasting customer relationships by not only assisting through the planning and installation process, but also in the care and maintenance of your outdoor spaces. A well maintained garden will enrich its value, reduce plant loss and need for restoration.


We offer a host of services to help preserve, protect and enhance your outdoor landscape spaces. Landscape Services include: bed weeding, edging and redefining, mulching, pruning of trees, shrubs and perennials, annual plantings, organic fertilization and pest care, lawn and garden compost applications, core aeration for lawns, deep core aeration and compost amending for trees and shrubs, leaf and debris removal from yard and gutters.


Other maintenance services include: pressure washing of decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pools, homes and garages. We also stain and seal decks, seal paver and flagstone patios and fully restore both patios and decks that are in need of refurbishing.  In an effort to assist with your diversity of maintenance needs, we also offer yard debris haul away.


Tree & Bush Pruning, Removal & Plantings


We offer a wide range of tree pruning and stabilizing, tree and brush removal and stump grinding services. Our well equipped team of professional arborists can assess your trees for possible insect and disease infestation, lightening and wind damage, challenges due to proximity of structures, and for general pruning maintenance to increase the health and longevity of your trees.


Our arborists are fully trained to remove your trees and stumps, and haul all materials to our local tree recycling center to be converted into compost and mulch.  If you would like to promote the health of your trees, we offer deep root core aeration and compost amending to promote vital root growth. Selective pruning and bracing techniques will promote stronger branching and reduce weather related damage.


We also offer full tree planting services and can recommend trees to replace those removed.  Lastly, we offer site clearing and brush removal for yards that have become overgrown with Honeysuckle and other undesirable brush and weeds.


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