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February 16, 2017

Spring will be here before we know it, especially if we continue to see temperatures hovering in the 50's & 60's! Here are a few tips to help you ease into Spring.

1. Consider mulching your beds earlier than usual this year. Mulching before new perennials (obstacles) emerge makes it easier and faster to mulch beds. Also, mulching beds early, rather than in spring, ensures your beds are much mo...

November 15, 2016

Late fall and early winter is an excellent time to plant trees.  Dormant trees require less care and establish with ease during the cooler months. Below is a list of our Top 10 trees to plant in your yard this fall. 

1. Dogwood

2. Sugar Maple

3. Paw Paw

4. Sassafras

5. Weeping Willow

6. Tulip Poplar

7. American Beech

8. Redbud

9. Black Gum

10. Any Oak tree

November 25, 2015


Growing your own garlic is one of the finer things of gardening, especially if you are a foodie!  It's easy to do and a fun activity for the family if you are looking to get grounded during the busy holiday season.  Our family has enjoyed planting garlic on Thanksgiving or the day after.  It first started out as a last minute decision, since the busy landscaping season generally starts to le...

March 4, 2015

Winter brings wetness, now is the perfect time for us to assess your yard for standing water or drainage issues.  No matter how complicated the drainage challenge, we can provide simple, sustainable and affective solutions to help rid your yard of excess water, preparing your property for a mold, mud and mosquito free spring.





March 1, 2015

  • Improves soil structure and porosity – creating a better plant root environment.

  • Increases moisture infiltration and permeability, reduces bulk density of heavy soils.

  • Improves the moisture holding capacity of light soils – reducing water loss & nutrient leaching.

  • Improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils.

  • Supplies organic matter.

  • Supplies benef...

March 1, 2015

With the closing of our garden center in 2013, we have refined and strengthened our customer service and landscape offerings. 


We continue to provide many of the incredible organic gardening products you have come to love, such as our homemade compost and mulch varieties; and an array of organic fertilizer and weed control products available for pick up by appointment, delivery or installatio...

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February 16, 2017

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