Bringing Nature To You



Since 1999, we are a multi-generational family owned and operated business offering award-winning,

Eco-landscaping design, build and maintenance services.  At Marvin's Organic Gardens (MOG), we are Plant-Passionate, integrating a diversity of native perennials and trees into all of our gardens. We cater to those wanting a personal or community sanctuary that is regenerative, resilient and abundant with food, medicine and habitat for All. 

Our collective work with homeowners, schools and non-profits aims to bridge Humanity with Nature through co-creating biodiverse sanctuaries that heal our connection with Land. We respond to the innate rhythms of the Ecosystem while respectfully adopting time honored Traditional Technologies passed down from our families and other Black, Indigenous and Peoples of Color from around the world. These include composting/soil building, bio-diverse perennial plantings/polyculture, water protection and more.

A well designed landscape can save you both time and money. Let us help you to hone in on the details of your yard and gardens, and provide you with a professional landscape design and estimate that will cover every detail of your yard and garden needs.


We offer landscape consultation, design and proposals.

Passionately Created: BUILD

Making the most out of your yard and gardens is our passion and purpose. Whether you are in need of an edible or pollinator gardenarbor, gazebo or sitting area from which to enjoy your yard, an artfully crafted paver or flagstone patio, fireplace or fire pit, space to grill or area to entertain, we can help.


Bamboo, natural wood, composite and living fences help to soften undesirable views, create privacy and windbreak, while providing vertical structure to grow ornamental and edible vines. Our team of talented craftsmen will assist you in developing your customized outdoor sanctuary and living space.

Lovingly Sustained: MAINTAIN

Our goal is to build lasting customer relationships by not only assisting through the planning and installation process, but also in the care and maintenance of your outdoor spaces. A well-maintained garden will enrich its value, reduce plant loss and reduce the need for restoration.


We offer a host of services to help preserve, protect and enhance your gardens and sanctuary.

Go Organic. It's only Natural!

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