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Marvin's Organic Gardens (MOG) Plant Warranty Policy
Revised January 1, 2022. Please print @ the time of project acceptance for your records.

Marvin's Organic Gardens, LLC (MOG) makes the best effort when installing or restoring your Ecological Landscape. Our Designer and Co-Owner, Wesley Duren, hand selects the healthiest and most vibrant plants available from reliable local nurseries (unless mail ordered) and personally delivers and places them in your landscape. Our Teams are well trained in proper planting techniques and care. We equip each plant with rich organic compost, mulch and fertilizer, and water them in thoroughly. Plant care is a cooperative effort. We continuously guide and mentor our clients with methods to ensure survival. 

The best time to assess plant health is between late May (majority of plants have broken dormancy) through late October (before plants go dormant for the winter). If you suspect your plants are dying or unhealthy please immediately notify us so we can help you troubleshoot. Send photos of each plant here. Many plants can be diagnosed in this fashion, and as needed, we may plan a walking inspection to determine cause and plan of action prior to replacement.


Options for Using Warranty - Limited to 1 Replacement per plant

If your plant needs replacement, and Marvin's Organic Gardens purchased and planted it, we provide different options at our discretion. Valid when invoice is paid within 30 days of completion of job. Replacement includes pick up, delivery and planting. We will happily replace your plant at no charge if you qualify as follows: 

  1. If plant dies and is reported within 30 days of planting.  

  2. If you are on at least a quarterly maintenance plan, warranty is valid for 1 year from the time of planting. Plants will be replaced during next scheduled cleanup unless we are notified in advance, or at MOG's discretion.

  3. If you are on at least a quarterly maintenance plan, warranty is valid indefinitely when the same contract is renewed annually. Plants will be replaced during next scheduled cleanup unless we are notified in advance. 

  4. If none of these apply to you, but you still would like a replacement, MOG can offer a service to pick up, deliver and plant your replacement by entering into a Time and Materials Agreement. Please contact us to inquire.

Warranty Does Not Include:

  • Annual plants.

  • Broad leaf evergreens.

  • Grass or No Mow Lawn unless otherwise stated in your contract. 

  • Plants that are damaged by domestic or wild animals.

  • Damage by pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or other damage caused by chemicals.

  • Damage by equipment. Damage by improper pruning.

  • Plants improperly cared for or neglected, such as being over watered or under watered.  Please refer to our Plant Care Guidelines for watering which is sent at job completion and with invoice.  

  • Plants being maintained by another landscape provider. 


Replacement Choices & Scheduling

MOG will make the best effort to replace with the same plant as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee this based on multiple factors that are beyond our control. Primarily these include availability of stock, season and environmental factors. Highest availability of plant choices is mid spring. If not available, MOG will choose a comparable plant. MOG also exercises the right to replace the plant with one that is more suitable to the area if plant loss is due to environmental conditions such as soil makeup, moisture retention, shade/sun, high level of plant species failure, among others. Plants vary in their preferred season for optimal planting, and we will make the best decision for scheduling replacement based on this. We do not replace plants in the summer. Please note also that scheduling is weather dependent, and MOG reserves the right to perform replacement without prior notice to the client. 


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