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Our Work with Water

The Natual Beauty and Serenity of Water


Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed, "Water is the driving force of nature." There's nothing that soothes the soul like the sound and sight of water cascading in your gardens. Water features can be customized to accentuate any size and location.


Our dedicated team of artisans construct an array of unique water features such aswaterfalls, reflection ponds, multi-level fountains, bubbling boulders and statues, streams and dry creek beds, koi ponds, rain water harvesting, rain chains and pond less water features to reduce maintenance and increase child safety.


Water features add ambiance to your outdoor living experience, and attract birds, butterflies and frogs to help further animate and benefit your gardens. We not only build, but also plant and maintain water features to keep them looking and operating at peak performance. 

Ornamental Water Features Cincinnati, OH

Drainage challenges can cause damage to both home and yard, not to mention attract mosquitoes and create unwanted mud. There are many approaches to alleviate drainage permanently, and we are equipped with the tools and expertise to correct even the toughest water challenges.


Common drainage solutions we can help you with include: downspout diversion, standing water, foundation diversion, yard regrading to redirect water flow, dry creek beds and rain gardens, flow wells and French drainage systems and plantings to absorb excess water.


Rain water harvesting is a viable solution to take advantage of your rain water.  We install 50-500 gallon capacity rain water catchment systems that allow you to use your captured rain water for irrigation, and to fill pools and ponds.


(Pics from DDS of French drain, flow wells and other drainage systems, rain barrels, and larger catchment systems)

Drainage & Rain Water Harvesting

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