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Our Work with Stone

Exposing the natural beauty of the healing relationship between water & stone

Natural Stone Features


Stonework creates unique personality, adds a sense of permanence and helps any outdoor space blend with its natural setting. Our talented stonemasons are dedicated to their trade and passionate about serving your stone construction needs. Whether you have existing stone features that need to be restored, or installation of new stonework, our team of masons will develop your outdoor living space to provide a lifetime of unique natural beauty and durability.


Popular stone features include: patios, walkways, stairways, water features, sitting and retaining walls, stepping stone pathways, veneering and boulder outcroppings for hillside stabilization and accent, dry creek beds and ornamental stone mulches underlaid with commercial weed fabric as durable mulch substitute.

Landscape & Hardscape Restoration


As your landscape matures, plants often overgrow their location or simply begin to loose appeal. Rather than completely overhauling your gardens, selective replanting and pruning can bring back vitality and interest to dull and overgrown landscapes.


Restoring your outdoor spaces is a unique and economical way to enrich your landscape by adding new perennials, shrubs, ornamentals grasses, mulch, stones, or other accents that will enliven gardens that have lost their luster.


Our team of skilled artisans also restore paver and stone patios, walkways, stairs, water features and more. No matter the age of your outdoor hardscape features, we are passionate about helping to restore your features to their original beauty, function and durability. Before overhauling an outdated, overgrown or worn out landscape or hardscape, consider restoration as a viable alternative to save money and revitalize your yard and gardens.

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