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Our Landscape Design Services

Marvin's Organic Gardens full-service landscape division specializes in design, installation and maintenance. We offer a full array of landscape and hardscape services by providing safe, practical and environmently-friendly solutions to your everyday landscape needs. It's our passion to assist you in selecting, sourcing and installing all the plants and materials needed for your next yard or garden project.

Overview of Services

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Our Landscape Themes: Natives, Edible, Wildlife, Era Gardens & more

Looking for more than your average landscape? Our team of landscape passionate professionals specialize in garden styles customized for your creative needs. Let us fulfill your gardening dreams. Choose from an array of unique gardening styles that will add character and function in your yard. 


Utilizing native plants in the gardens attracts wildlife, adds local beauty and is almost always low maintenance. From woodland to prairie, there are many native garden styles to draw creativity. Edible landscaping is a gardening style that can provide food and medicine for your family and create year-round beauty. We also offer organic vegetable garden construction with a multitude of fencing options to keep unwanted grazers at bay.

There truly is no limit to what we can create together!

Overview of Themes

Historical Era

Asian Inspired


Whimsical Fairy


Secret Garden


Children's Gardens

Flower Cutting Beds

Water Gardens

Edible Perennials

Wildlife Restoration Gardens

Era Gardens

Butterfly Gardens

Community Gardens

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