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MOG Gets a New Logo! 

Honoring Pawpaw

Earth Day 2021

After 21 years of transformative business and honoring the beloved Ladybug in our logo, we have spent this past year in a deeply creative and reflective process of rebranding and refining our services in order to present you with the most elevated reflection of our gifts and talents. We selected the Pawpaw tree and this Art Expression to represent us for many reasons. The Pawpaw Tree, Ha'siminikiisfwa (Shawnee word literally meaning Pawpaw moon) or Asimina triloba (Scientific name), is the official native state fruit of Ohio, and considered the largest edible fruit in the United States. If you’ve never eaten a Pawpaw fruit, we encourage you to do so, the taste is something similar to banana, mango and apricots mixed together with a custard texture. While the fruit is the most familiar and delighted in, we find pleasure appreciating the more dynamic and understated elements that make this Tree such an important community member. 

In our new logo, we’ve incorporated Pawpaw's foliage, flower, fruit and its most popular and possibly oldest relation, the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly, to highlight and center resilience through reciprocity or symbiotic relationships. It is certainly fitting for the times, when the Earth is requiring we all step into this accelerated level of responsibility together for our species and home to survive the Anthropocene. Local artist Breanna King, with Zeal40, was so inspired that she was led to find a wild Pawpaw for her first time and created a print using the leaf of the tree she bonded with. We were thrilled for our digital design to embody the real Essence of the tree and created a Trinity Flower with the leaves to express the growing seasons and the 3-fold nature of Spirit in Creation. The Trinity is also an element of the flower, showcasing 2 nested sets of 3 petals (6 total).  


We are passionate about planting edible, medicinal and native plants, while supporting populations like the Zebra Swallowtail, Monarchs, Honey Bees and other keystone pollinator species, as well as supporting families living in food deserts or food apartheid. Our collective work with homeowners, schools and non-profits aims to bridge Humanity with Nature through co-creating biodiverse sanctuaries that heal our connection with Land.  We respond to the innate rhythms of the Ecosystem while respectfully adopting Ancient Traditional technologies passed down from our families and other Black, Indigenous and Peoples of Color from around the world. These include composting/soil building, bio-diverse perennial plantings/intercropping, water protection and more. 


zebra swallowtail.jpeg

Zebra Swallowtail Laying an Egg by Mt. Holly Butterfly Farm


Pawpaw is of a wide range of traditional food and medicine plants of Indigenous Peoples from our region and was widely cultivated for thousands of years until they were forcibly removed from their Ancestral Lands in the early 19th century by the US Government. Pawpaw stands can be found in the wild, and is still honored in Indigenous kitchens today demonstrating the resilience of plants and people on multiple levels. The versatility of Pawpaw enables them to grow in both sun and shade, highlands and lowlands, in a wide variety of soil types making this an excellent companion for a new gardener. It is a mystery just how old paw paw root systems are in our remaining wild stands.

We admire the large leaves of Pawpaw which sets itself apart from other trees, with a tropical look (Pawpaw's closest relatives are tropical species) which turn brilliant yellow to orange in fall. We equally enjoy using plant combinations that set themselves worlds apart from typical landscapes, with unique flowers, foliage, form, fruit and bark characteristics, that are durable and underused like the Pawpaw. Additionally, Pawpaw is entirely pest resistant, being resistant to deer, rabbit, pest insects and disease. Likewise, we only work with plants with resilience to pests, which prevents the need for toxic pesticides. Being both durable and reliable, the Pawpaw symbolizes our painstaking efforts to provide the lowest maintenance and hardiest plants available, so our clients can spend more time enjoying their yard, rather than laboring in it.


Pawpaw Spring Bloom by Diantha Duren


Finally, this new logo has levels of personal meaning to both of us. Over a decade ago, we met each other at the Pawpaw Festival in Athens, Ohio initiating both a friendship and business relationship centered in healing the Earth. When we were married, we were given a Pawpaw tree by a close friend and were led to center it in the ceremony where our families united and blessed us. We’ve planted hundreds of Pawpaws in the community and enjoy several wild stands at our Sanctuary. We invite you to try planting a few in your yard for the wildlife, or at the very least to make friends with a grove near you and enjoy their fruit in September under the Pawpaw moon. Remember to lightly scratch the seeds with your teeth and plant them where you eat them:)



Pawpaw & Water Ceremony

@ Our Wedding by Dennie Eagleson

In this upcoming year we will be redesigning our website to include our updated portfolio, an online store for our products from the Land, lots of educational resources, community partnerships in food and ecological justice work. We and will keep you posted when we launch. 

Thank you for you support and Friendship. May your gardens and sanctuaries flourish!


Yours Truly, ​

Wesley & Diantha Duren 

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