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We are currently updating our product pages & will resume sales at the end of February. Feel free to contact us to get on the pre-order list for your favorite products below:

Organic, Natural Fertilizers

Nourish your
soil & earth

Creating Vibrant and Healthy Gardens & Lawns since 1999

Products available for pick up by special appointment only.

Organic Fertilizers, Bagged Potting Soil & Compost

Organic fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil organisms, helping to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption, creating naturally resilient turf and garden plants. Applied strategically over the course of spring and fall, organic fertilizers will help to reduce drought and pest stress, while improving the overall performance of your lawn and gardens. With a host of organic gardening products, we can help you to customize a soil fertility plan to accommodate your lawn and gardens’ unique needs. Safe for humans, pets and the environment, organic gardening products are the natural choice!
New Bagged Potting Soil and Compost now Available! 

Special Order Only


Items on this page can be purchased by ordering below. We will contact you to set up payment and pick up.

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