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Organic Fertilizers, Bagged Potting Soil & Compost

Organic fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil organisms, helping to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption, creating naturally resilient turf and garden plants. Applied strategically over the course of spring and fall, organic fertilizers will help to reduce drought and pest stress, while improving the overall performance of your lawn and gardens. With a host of organic gardening products, we can help you to customize a soil fertility plan to accommodate your lawn and gardens’ unique needs. Safe for humans, pets and the environment, organic gardening products are the natural choice! F
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Corn Gluten
Corn Gluten

All natural pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer. Known to be extremely effective for weed control when applied in the spring and fall. Non-toxic and safe for pets and people. Easy-to-use. $55.00 / 50lb bag 50lbs covers 2,500 sqft

8-3-3 Fertilizer
8-3-3 Fertilizer

Give your lawn, gardens, and trees a boost with our well-rounded, easy-to-use, organic fertilizer. Made from composted poultry manure, feather & blood meals, and humic acids derived from leonardite and sea kelp. Stimulates soil health and slowly releases micro and macro nutrients that your plants and lawn need. $45.00 / 40lb bag 40lbs covers 4,000 sq ft

5-4-5 Fertilizer
5-4-5 Fertilizer

This fertilizer is similar to the formulation of our 8-3-3 but with less nitrogen (N). Safe, cost-effective, simple, all-natural, organic fertilizer that delivers great fruit and flower results. Excellent for vegetables, herbs, annuals, and acid loving plants as well as end-of-season lawn and garden application. $40.00 / 50lb bag 50lb covers 5,000 sqft