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Schedule a Pick Up or Delivery

Schedule us and we'll deliver to your project or home.

 10+ yards per order required for delivery

For Product Pick Up or Delivery

We offer customers convenient pick up or delivery of our organic bulk soil enhancements and fertilizers by special order. For pick up, there is a minimum purchase of 1 cubic yard. For delivery, there is a minimum purchase of 10 cubic yards of topsoil, compost or mulch within a 25 mile radius of our Lebanon facility.


For those who have just made an order through our online store, please fill out the form below to schedule your pick up or delivery.

Haven't made your purchase yet? 


First, place your order online, then fill out the form below to schedule product pick up or delivery.


Requests are honored on first-come, first-serve basis. Once we receive your form submission, we will contact you to promptly schedule.


Thank you for your order!

We Deliver!

Want your compost, mulch, trees or other yard products delivered to your project or picked up at our facility?

Fill out our pick up or delivery form now.

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