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Homegrown Tip: Planting Garlic as a Thanksgiving Tradition

Growing your own garlic is one of the finer things of gardening, especially if you are a foodie! It's easy to do and a fun activity for the family if you are looking to get grounded during the busy holiday season. Our family has enjoyed planting garlic on Thanksgiving or the day after. It first started out as a last minute decision, since the busy landscaping season generally starts to level out around this time. After several years of fruitful harvest, we now look forward to saving this cherished crop for a unique Thanksgiving tradition. If you find that your garlic is still waiting to be planted, have no fear, this is still a great time!

Quick Tips:

1. Amend your soil with nutrient and micro-organism rich compost. Our family makes the good stuff! Check it out!

2. Separate your bulb of garlic into cloves. Grocery store garlic does not always produce a sure crop. We like to inquire with local farmers at market or

3. Create trenches spaced enough to create easy walking paths in between.

4. Plant each clove, pointy side up, about 2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart. Cover.

5. Topdress with about 1-2 inches of mulch.

6. Plant soon after Thanksgiving if you can't get to it this week. The temperatures are finally starting to drop below freezing every night. Planting garlic after the ground freezes is an art unto itself.

7. Enjoy the sprouts making their way up during the warm days of winter and early spring, sometimes poking up through the snow. They will be ready to harvest by early June - mid July depending on your varieties.

When the time gets close, stay tuned for tips on harvesting. Enjoy!

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