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Maintenance and Restoration

Taking Care of Your Little Spot of Earth

Maintenance, Remediation, and Restoration Services

Organic Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

Spruce up your yard with our monthly and seasonal maintenance and personal gardening plans. Grounds maintenance may include bed edging, organic fertilizing, mulching (many choices), perennial, shrub and tree pruning, replacing or transplanting existing plants as needed, yard debris haul away, pond or water feature cleanup and maintenance. We also offer organic lawn fertilization and weed prevention with a lawn restoration program customized to suit your specific lawn needs.

Landscape, Hardscape, and Deck Restoration

Restoration practices are underutilized and economical solutions to breathe life back into existing outdoor landscape features, giving renewed beauty and durability. Restoration work may include removal of overgrown shrubs and trees and possible updates in the landscape with new and low maintenance ornamental plants and soil amendments. Pressure washing of decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pools, homes and garages remove decades of grime and renews aged-looking outdoor features.  We also stain, seal and refurbish decks, and skilled masonry to restore or repair historic stone walkways, patios and walls. We make paver and flagstone patios look new again with our time tested 3-step pressure wash, joint fill and sealing process.

Drainage & Rain Water Harvesting

Eliminate mud, mold and mosquitoes with drainage systems that may include downspout diversion to redirect water away from home foundation and yard. Yard re-grading and dry creek beds help to redirect water flow permanently. Rain gardens are a beautiful solution to capture and return rain to its natural water table, while flow wells help to permeate standing water in underground percolation basins to return to water table.   EZ Flow French drainage systems capture and divert excess rainwater to areas in need. Select native Ohio trees and shrub can be planted to help absorb excess rainwater. We also install rainwater-harvesting systems to capture rainwater from home and yard, which can be used for irrigation, pools, ponds, car washes and much more! (50-5000 gallon capacity).


Environmental Remediation

Such services may include: erosion control, drainage systems, stream-bank restoration, native prairie, pond and forest development, hillside stabilization plantings, honeysuckle and noxious weed removal and restoration of native plants.


Arborist Services

Our well-trained and experienced tree arborists provide diagnosis for trees with potential disease and pest, and provide safe, effective and non-toxic solutions for optimal tree health. We also offer tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, tree guying (stabilization), tree planting, wood splitting and stacking, deep root aeration and tree amending / organic fertilization.

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