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Caring for Your Plants

Caring For Your Plants

To maximize the success of your gardens please follow our simple-to-use guidelines for your new plants.

1. Your gardens can be watered with drip hoses, sprinklers or professionally installed irrigation systems. The average tree, shrub, perennial, ornamental grass and vegetable requires one hour of consistent watering once per week. If your gardens receive full sun, watering twice per week would be ideal. Water your new plants for at least six months as described, and then, as needed.

2. All new plants should be fertilized with an organic fertilizer at least twice per year. Once in the spring and again in the fall. Our organic fertilizers are readily available for pick up by special order for self application. To optimize success of your plants, fertilize in the early spring, late spring, early fall and late fall with our custom blended organic fertilizers and weed control products. Be sure to fertilize appropriate plants with appropriate fertilizer, visit our eco-friendly products webpage for more details.

3. Proper upkeep and maintenance of your gardens will promote plant health and longevity. Please contact us to discuss a maintenance plan customized for your needs.

4. If you have a newly restored or recently installed lawn, following these simple tips will ensure success. Water your newly seeded lawn every evening for 45 minutes. Once new grass seed has germinated and achieves a high of 3 inches, fertilize with our organic fertilizer. Avoid mowing your newly seeded lawn areas until it reaches a height of 5 inches. Maintain a 4 inch cutting height. Apply organic fertilizer in late spring and late fall. Apply organic weed and feed in early spring and early fall. Please visit our Products Webpage for more information.

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