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Wesley's Winter Winners

Believe it or not, late Fall and Winter are the best time for planting because plants are dormant and don’t need as much watering required with Spring, Summer or early Fall plantings. For those that prefer low maintenance, Late Fall and Winter is ideal for plantings also because plant roots continue to grow all winter as long as the ground is not frozen solid. So, your plants will be well on their way to establishing by the hot of Summer, reducing shock and giving them a head start over other planting seasons.

For more late Fall and Winter color in your gardens, here are Wesley’s top picks:

Winter Red Winterberry Holly

Winter Red Winterberry Holly

Winter Red Winterberry Holly, an Ohio native that holds brilliantly glossy red fruit all Winter, with no foliage to obscure the ornamental fruit. Eventually, in early Spring, the birds finally eat the fruit as an early season source of energy just before the new foliage pushes out. Grows in full sun to part shade in wet or dry soils.


Red Twig, Yellow Twig and Orange Twig Dogwoods

Red Twig,Yellow Twig and Orange Twig Dogwoods are all Ohio native shrubs with extremely showy winter stems of bright colors. They also have lovely white Spring blooms, attractive blue fruit in Fall and orange-yellow fall foliage color. They grow in full sun to part shade in wet to dry soils.


Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel tree

Witch Hazel is a medium to large native Ohio shrub that blooms from December to February depending on the variety. The flowers are surreal and spidery looking and the fragrance is transcendent! Excellent orange and red fall color. Early source for early rare pollinators and medicinal. Grows in full sun to part shade in lightly wet to dry soils.


Red Chokeberry

Red Chokeberry

Red Chokeberry is another Ohio native shrub that blooms pure white in Spring, an early source for pollinators, followed by late Fall and Winter glossy red fruit that the birds eventually eat, if you don’t get to them first. They are edible for humans and can be used medicinally in many ways - One of Diantha’s Favorite for cold syrups. The fall color is bright red. They grow in wet or dry soils in part shade to full sun.


American Holly

American Holly

American Holly, an Ohio native tree with glossy evergreen foliage and bright red berries that hold all Winter. This is a tree that’s pyramidal in habit and can grow slowly to a height of 50’, so give it room. Will grow in full shade to full sun, in well drained soils.


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